About Us

At Tumbarumba Outfitters we understand that looking good is important, but that you’re looking for value for your dollar.

So we source fantastic quality fashion and accessories from Australia and overseas, giving you the freedom to choose items that look great and will last the distance.

We’ll help you dress well, whether it’s for the bar, the boardroom, or the back paddock even if you’re used to saying ‘I can’t find anything to wear’, we can help.

Our team of friendly staff love assisting customers (online or in store) to find the right outfit every-time. In fact, people often drive a long way just to see us (because they know we’re worth the trip).

With everything from shoes and boots, to wallets and jewellery, you’ll be able to put together the perfect wardrobe with us. We can even have your business logo embroidered on office or trades-wear for your staff. Nothing is too much to ask.


We’re committed to serving our community, it’s no good for us to sell to our community without becoming an integral part of it. Which is why we stock Australian-made wherever possible, and source locally made items from small businesses that are also part of our community.

We offer quality service and advice whenever you walk through our doors or if you contact us online.  We also help out local community groups with raffle prizes and sponsorships wherever we can.